Thursday, May 27, 2010

Evil Cousin Pictures

Here are some glamour shots of my evil cousin, Ashley.

And here's me as a perfect little angel... o:)


Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm SOOO sorry I haven't posted in FOREVS!! :( Procrastination, and schoolwork, and.... oh, it's killing me. :( Gah! Okay, but I'm back! Just in time for Tristan's birthday, I see! :D Happy birthday, girl! :) Fifteen, wow... Well, to fill you in, since last I posted I...
-Had a visit from my evil, mean, gorgeously pretty cousin (I think cousin, right?) cat, Ashley, who was in heat and wanted to kill everyone
-Got covered in blue chalk (which made me blue for about a week!)
-And stayed home while my humans went on a long trip!

I'll fill you in with more details, but right now, I'm working on other projects, such as some COMICS! It will be very fun and I will try my best to stay on track.

~Keep Purring, Sam