Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bright and Early!

I believed this morning, as I was feeling very loving and social, that it was my glorious duty to wake up all my humans with the wonderful sound of my musical meow. But for some reason unknown, they didn't quite appreciate this. In fact, my editor-human dared to call me a spoiled brat and a loudmouth! ....
I just meowed at the garage door a lot, then my big-tom-cat-human (he is the alpha-male of the humans) let me in the house. He pet me and filled up my food, but I didn't really want this; I still had work to do! So I went up to my queen-human's door and meowed and meowed, but nothing happened. So I went to my human-kit's room, but nothing happened. The nerve! Finally, my human-editor let me into her domain after a bunch of meowing. She told me I was wet, and pet me, and then she told me to go out again and stuff.
The story is longer, but in the end, everybody wakes up. Haha. The end!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Teek's Blog!

Teek's blog is looking so nice! (If you'll notice the way-awesome format I found her, courtesy of She's made some new posts, and she's also posted a picture! (No comment on my status of doing that... thank you...) So check it out! I do insist upon it, my being Duke Samson and all. ;)

Shedding is NOT a Problem!!

My humans think my shedding is a problem. Well, DUH, of course it's not!! It's purrfectly NATURAL! They put sheets and blankets over all of my chairs so I wouldn't "ruin" them, but the chairs are fine! *rolls eyes* Why won't humans put up with anything? *sigh*

~Sammy the "Shedder"

Monday, January 25, 2010


Another great site I found! (Well, my human did, but come on.... who has the blog, here?) My human was looking for a dog-friendly frosting recipe, just for fun -- you know. But what she found was a whole SITE dedicated to parties for doggies! (Hey, they oughta make a page about parties for cats, too ;) ) Anyways, has recipes for doggie cupcakes, frosting, party ideas and more! Check it out!

FreeKibble? Is it truly possible?

I just discovered and and boy do I love them! Go on each day to answer one trivia question about cats and dogs, and each time you answer, right or wrong, you donate 10 pieces of kibble to a dog or cat in need in a shelter. I also found out they are supporting some kennels in Washington, so please, go on and answer the trivia to help pets in need! And I encourage you to tell your friends, too! Together we can make a difference!


Purrairs for Crystal

Recently on making a trip to my friends Tristan and Crikey's blog, I made a discovery that a family of blogging cats (and other animals) has lost one of theirs.

Jan of has lost her 11-year old tom, Crystal. Love and purrairs appreciated, we say goodbye. Comments are appreciated.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Something New

Sorry I haven't been posting for a little.... my human has been gone for a while now at a friend's, and I've gotten just a little depressed.

Well, my human has now started giving me new food, mixing it in with the old stuff. At first I was all like, "What? How could you mess with perfection?! This is terrible!", but then I got hungry... So I tried it. And you know what? Not that bad actually.
So I gues what I'm trying to say is, try something before you decide if you like it or not. Okay? 'Kay. Thanks.

~Sammy Out!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"The Adventures of Super-Sam" Part Two

So, there I was, searching for the mysterious kidnapper and his worthless, mean-hearted dog. I sniffed around and I could definetly smell the scent of a car and a man and a dog -- all three being dark and evil and horrible-smelling.
Finding nothing there, though, I decided to go straight to the source. Gabby the crow, who was residence to a large tree just right outside of the neigborhood, down the sidewalk, was the most talkative, gossiping crow there was. She usually hung out on top of roofs where no one could see her most of the time, so she could listen in on conversations.
Gabby just happened to be on top of my roof, so I beckoned for her to come down. She started preening her feathers, obviously waiting for me to talk first -- unusual.
"Gabby, I need your help," I came right out.
She looked at me, "My help, Sammy? Whatever for?" She cawed laughingly.
"Emma -- that man that took her away. Who was he and where did he go?" I needed her help and she was certainly not helping.
She preened some more. "I don't know, Samson.... You seem pretty desperate for this information. I think I might need payment... Some food from your humans, perhaps?"
I growled and took a step closer to her, "I'm in no mood for games, now tell me where he went before I eat you myself!"
Gabby's happiness quickly faded and, a bit frightened and noticing that she was in an awkard situation, she mumbled something to herself. Finally, she decided that she would get no bargain from me. "Fine, then," she said. "I don't care for your stupid humans -- just the garbage and gossip that comes with them. But if you really want to know, fine -- I'll do if for you, Samson."
I could tell she was about to go into another elaborate speech, so I rolled my eyes, "Cut to the chase, already," I said, growing impatient. "This is serious buisness."
"Right," she said. "Well, word on the street is that man has been capturing a few human-chicks, and is planning to sell them for what humans call money. Worthless stuff, really..."
My eyes widened, "Sell them? Like, at a pet store or something?!"
"Guess so," she cawed. "Well, anyway, his name is Jim Coal, and he's working for a group of humans that capture human-chicks and sell them to other humans. Last I saw he went North up thataway," she pointed with her wing, "and he's probably headed to his hideout."
I was already formulating a plan in my head, "Thanks, Gabby."
"No problem," she cawed, but I could see she was a bit irritated that she got nothing out of this.
I thought a moment. "Tell you what," I said, "if you help me out with this whole thing, I might be able to get you a nice piece of bread or something from my humans after all."
Gabby immediately brightened up. "Sure, Sammy-O! Whatever you say! I'll get that human back in no time! Now, what do I need to do? And, say, do you think your humans have white-bread with maybe a little peanut butter on it...?"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can You Read the Code???

Can you understand this?

jo rbrtupmr@ og upi vsm imfrtdysmf yjod. yjrm hppf gpt upi@ o s[[;sif upi htrsy;u@

Give up? Comment and we'll see what you think it means!

"The Adventures of Super-Sam" Part One

"Sammy," I heard the call and the shake and rattle of kitty kibble. Skidding across hardwood and carpet, like a horse I scrambled down to the kitchen where my human set down the bowl of food. Hungily, I gulped it up.
"Good kitty," she pet me. I shrugged it off, too hungry to care about her baby talk. After I had eaten my fill, the door opened and I decided a quick walk around the neighborhood wouldn't hurt. Out my cat door and into the big world I went. It was early autumn, and the chill and breeze and fresh scent of cinnammon and pumpkin filled the air and ruffled my fur.
Padding up and down the sidewalks, I enjoyed the quiet afternoon and the birds twittering from their treetops. It was very serene and calming, and I almost felt like a nap on a sun-warmed stone.
Suddenly, I heard a worried and desperate cry. Running, jumping and dashing over grassy yards and beauty-bark, I found the owner of the mournful yowls.
It was Java the cat, looking shaky and upsetted. Like the gentlemen I was, I came up to her and said, "What seems to be the problem, Ma'am?"
Unseemingly rude, the light of hope faded in her eyes. "Oh, it's only you, Sammy. Where's Harley? I need the Alpha right away!"
I frowned, "Excuse me, but, um, I'm here. Hero Extrordinaire? You don't need Harley, silly." I sniffed around, "Now, what happened?"
Java, still a little disturbed (heaven knows why), started telling her story. "Well," she said, "I suppose it wouldn't hurt..." She started bursting into tears, "Oh, Sammy, my human! My little-girl human! You know -- Emma? This strange-smelling black human and his big evil dog took her away in their big-car! She was just out playing on her bike when all of the sudden the big-car pulled up and the man got out and took her away!!" She sobbed again, very disturbed.
I had to admit myself, I was very surprised and upset. Little Emma may not have been very good at handling cats, but she was nice and small and virtually harmless! And the mention of a big dog heightened my suspicions even more.
"Don't worry, Java -- Samson is on the case!"

Monday, January 18, 2010 back!

(Cue horror music and terrified scream) My little cousin's human has a leak in her apartment where there is getting mold, so she's come to spend another TWO DAYS with us!!



....Well, maybe it's not so bad. It's a bit irritating, but my human seems pretty happy... And, hey - she joined my blog, so maybe it's not so bad.

By the way, she's started her own blog (inspiration from whom, I might ask), and I've joined it. She's knew to the whole thing, so I may be helping her out if she needs it. The link is:

....I think is just a bit catchier...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

6 More Members!

All we need is six more members, and we can start the contest! Yay!

So, invite your friends and get them to join! Any one of you might have the chance to win an illustration of them or their animal companion! (Pet is so degrading...)

Get to inviting!


Saturday, January 16, 2010


My human says she's stressed.

A bunch of other female humans about her age all crowded into the house for nearly the WHOLE DAY for her birthday party. Sheesh! Talk about CROWDED!

I was really confused for most of it and a little stressed myself, because of all the people I didn't know, and all the noise, and new smells... You can understand.

~Goin' To Sleep

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Book Review for "Stealing Death"

This book review is for "Stealing Death" by Janet Lee Carey.

My human read this book lately and highly reccomended it to me. Reluctant - for I knew the tastes of my human and I were different by far - I started to read the book. As my paws flipped the pages, I couldn't stop! I knew I had found a good book by just the first chapter, and I was excited to finish it and see how it ended! When I finally did finish, though, I felt dissappointed. Why? Because I had finished it! It was so good! Here are the things about it I liked:

1. Quirky characters that I couldn't help but root for, and evil people I couldn't help but feel like I wanted to strangle!
2. An exciting and ingenious plot that was very unique and intriguing.
3. Even though it had no cats, it did have a fair amount of animals.
4. I just really enjoyed it. End of story.

So, what are you waiting for? Go read it!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here are my favorite spots to nap:

-the green beanbag chair in my human-editor's bedroom.
-the grean chairs with towels on them (put on especially for me) that are my thrones.
-my human-editor's bed - either bunk will do, but I prefer the one with a view ;)
-the camping chair out in the garage.
-the carpet, in a patch of warm sunshine.

Hope all your naps are good ones!


Naughty, By Samson the Cat

Sometimes, sometimes, when I'm naughty,
I use the carpet for my potty.
The couch is where I sharpen my claws,
I leave all my fur,
I break many laws.
The mantlepiece you treasured so?
Down to the floor I thought it should go.
And once then fallen, I thought it should quake,
And into a thousand pieces break.
I didn't use my litter box,
I hissed at you when you tried to talk.
I ripped your homework - tore it to shreds,
I jumped up onto Daddy's head.
I think I may have pulled up some hairs...
But you can see lots and lots up there!
The dog now has to have surgery;
It's not my fault - he barked at me!
I took the baby's breakfast, as well,
You may as well call me the cat from hell!
You must admit, though, that even through all that,
I'm your bestest, favorite cat!

A Kitten's Creed

Here is a look into the world of cat's:

Every housecat, when just a young kitten, must memorize and recite this solemn oath, aptly named, "The Kitten's Creed". Here I will recite it:

"I promise to...
Meow loudly at night to make sure you stay awake in case burglars come...
Scratch only the nicest furniture - my claws deserve the best...
Go to the bathroom behind the couch where you don't have to worry about it...
Practice my climbing skills on the draperies, just in case I need to know how...
Lap my milk sloppily - the fun way...
Have the most fun possible, doing whatever is the most fun...
Shed my fur all over, so you know that I am always there...
Play with my food...
Help staple your important papers with my teeth...
Hiss at every dog, vaccum cleaner, and toddler that may harm me...
Wake you up early to feed me...
...Comfort you when you are sad...
...Snuggle with you in bed...
...Protect you the best I can...
...Love you till the day I die...and after..."

So, if you ever bring home a new kitten, and they are meowing the whole way in their crate in the back of the car, just know that they are loudly reciting this over and over again, just to let you know that they will stay true to this honorable creed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quote of the Day #1

"Contrary to what you might think, I am not trying to ruin your furniture. This is not what it looks like."


Most cats have addictions such as...

Catnip. It's a cat's drug. You get on it once, and from then on, whenever it's available, you can't stop nipping. I take it in small doces - it's like a good beer; you can have a little, but not too much. Oh, remember - don't nip and prowl!

But I have two very *strange* addictions - I don't think they're that bad, but my humans think otherwise. You can decide for yourself.

1. Lasers. Once I see that beautiful, haunting bright red dot, zipping around, I cannot help but chase it. It's like I'm in a trance - I'll follow it anywhere -- maybe even off a cliff. Fortunately, we don't live near any cliffs, and dogs can't hold lasers.
2. String. I eat it. In fact, I eat paper, toilet paper (I have already explained this), string, and yarn. Oh, so good! I love the way it slides down my throat! ...But there are a few side-affects to this addiction, like nipping; throwing up. I always throw up after eating these things. I suppose they aren't the best for me, but I can't help myself! Just today, I saw a short, red piece of yarn on my human's floor, and I quickly yapped it up before my human could stop me. I have no regrets, though.

Paper? Yummy?

I recently noticed that white roll of fluffy thin stuff that humans use while in the, erm... 'bathroom' as you call it. Well, earlier I was able to get up close and personal with the stuff. Glorious stuff! You can play with it, rip it, and best of all - eat it! It is DELICIOUS!! I guess they call it toilet paper, and I ate a whole big strip of it - just gulped it down. It was like a thin, papery noodle. Haha. But then, for some reason, my human made me go outside into the cold. Something about throwing up...?


It has been raining FOREVER!! Well, I suppose it is Washington, but come on! I promise I'll post pics as soon as I can, but I can't find my camera charger, so I am bummed out about that :(

Ah, well. For my own personal NaBloPoMo, or whatever it is called, I'll be making lots of posts, so if the posts are kind of boring, don't blame me! I have nothing to talk about! It's a cat's life...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Where I Like to Be, By Samson The Cat

When it is really raining,
When I cannot catch a mouse,
I go inside,
Or rather hide,
Inside my human's house.
Or sometimes when I want to,
Get away from all their noise,
I make a fort,
Under the porch,
Of the next-door neighbor boys.
And sometimes when I'm naughty,
I'll make a little nest,
Under a car,
Where no rain drops are,
Where they call me, "What a pest!"


Well, my humans are all missing Teek, but I'm very happy to have her gone! ...Well, I might miss her, just a *little*... It was kind of nice to have someone around to play with...

Well, right now, it's all rainy and gloomy. This morning, my human came downstairs and let me in early because of the rain. She fed me and pet me, and helped me dry off. But rain means no birds, and very little mice. But at least I'll get to be inside and blog.

Why do humans eat such weird things? I mean - cereal? Waffles? Pancakes? Puh-lease! Wouldn't a good mouse do? Or bacon! Oh.... bacon... such goodness!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Teek is leaving me! Finally! I can now have the house back to myself - besides my humans. No more meowing at night, no more watching her eat food that's better than mine, no more kitten laying on my favorite chair... Or following me around everywhere...


Sunday... Ah, Sunday. The humans have all gone off to church, the mouse-fields are loaded, there's fresh food in my bowl, and it seems as if all the birds are singing, "Samson, catch us if you can!"

Hope your Sunday is as wonderful as mine!


(PS: My humans say they are going off to visit someone with a dog who is about to have puppies. Traitors, I say! What's so interesting about puppies?)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Upcoming Contest

I have big news! I thought it over, and so, once I reach 15 members, I'll have a contest to see who will get their pet's (or their's, if they're an animal themselves) picture illustrated, kind of like mine! So, if you want to have a chance to win a picture of you or your pet (I can only do animals, sorry), that looks kind of like the one I did of me, get more people to join!

Illustrated Me


You like? It's me! Illustrated!! It took a while for me to master (which I highly reccomend), but I did it! How does it look? Much better than that photo, I must admit... I think it truly captures the essence of my regality. What do you think? Post a comment!

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Problems

Here is a list of my current problems:

1. Harley. The cat next door. His full name is Harley Davidson, like, the motorcycle. He think's he's all that with his cool collar, and his "natural tattoos" as my human calls them. See, she thinks he's all adorable because he has this heart on his head because he's a grey tabby, so he has black markings, and he has a black heart "tattooed" on his head. He's really plump. He is. And he is not manly -- why does he think he's alpha male? He has this really little, tiny kitten meow. So degrading. I have a nice, low, male voice, and still he thinks he can beat me. But he gets lucky in our fights. Too lucky. I wonder if he got some sort of rabbit's foot or something...?
2. Vaccums. Every pet's problem. They suck at you and are so loud! I don't care if it makes the darn floor clean - it's gonna suck the fur right offa me, someday - I swear! So loud, I can't even hear myself think. Whenever it turns on it scares me half to death!
3. Teek. My cousin. We've been watching her for about a week now, and I'm fed up with her always following me around, wanting to play, and stealing my spot on the chair. Ugh.
Problems, problems problems. Well, at least Teek will be gone soon. Now I just have to figure out a way to make Harley disappear...

My Portrait

Maybe I should call it a pawtrait... Anyways. Yes, I know - not the best pic. I'll update it later (I'm thinking of hiring a professional photographer once I figure out how to get enough money to pay them...) But it's one of me. I really need more of just me, though! I had to clip the part with my human out of it, and it doesn't look as good! :( I mean, more pics of me! Come on, people (or cats...)! I'm the inspurration, you know! (Corny, yes, but accurate)

About Me

Okay, first thing you should know, I'm a guy. I'm guessing you knew that (humans aren't all that dumb - they know when we want out and in, and when we're hungry), but in case you didn't, I'm glad you do now.
Also, I was rescued from an Animal Shelter, after being found on my own out in Western Washington sub-urb wilderness. I'd talk about my past...but I can't. Now I live in a warm, loving home (stocked with food, I might add), and I'm very happy here. There's a nice big field in the back, where I often go on my manly *puffs out chest* hunting trips! Usually it's there I catch my big ones.
I'm also around two years old, (who has time to keep track of these things?), and I love to play, and also sleep in my human's bed.
I'm an American Shorthair - white with large splotches of black/grey tabby. I have a light-pink nose, with one big marking of cranberry pink (my human says it's "adorable"), and my left ear has a pinkish splotch. My eyes are a shining emerald green - kind of like my blog - and my paw-pads are all-adored by most humans -- the coolest pads where some are pink, some are black, and some are both! I'll post a pic sometime!
I'm a sweetheart (remember that, ladies), who'll come up and snuggle you in bed, and lick your chin and nose when you're not looking. I'm very talkative - either when I'm being picked up, when I want in or out, when I want food, or just for friendly conversation.
Well, that's just about it. Except for the fact that I am in almost constant battle with the cat next door, who thinks just because he was here first, that he should be alpha male, I am the cutest, sweetest, coolest cat around. Check me out!

Grand Opening: Cat's Out of the Bag!

Hey, hey! Welcome to my space! I'm Sammy (Formally known as Samson, or otherwise, Sam-Wow), a cool cat who was taken in from the shelter! My humans are lucky they found me (and, though I hate to admit it, I'm lucky, too), cuz I'm one fantastic feline to have around!

So, welcome to my blog! And feel free to come along for the ride! (Though I hope it's no trip to the vet's...) Everyone is welcome -- except dogs... Well, my human and writer says that's okay, too, but only as long as they like cats. Of course, who wouldn't like me? Heheh.

~Sam-Wow (Put'cha Paws Up!)