Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm It! Wordy Wednesday!

Jacqueline tagged me! I have to go into my pictures, look in the second folder, take out the tenth picture, and tell the story behind it! Hooray! This is me. I think the humans call it a wicker magazine basket. I liked it very much, and so I have claimed it, and it is mine. It is actually very comfy. My human-editor thought it was funny how I just layed down in it and went *flat!* so she took a pic. Yay!

Alright, now, I have to tag 5 blogging friends to play this game, so...

1. Tristan and Crikey!
2. Anya and Kareltje!
3. Amy and the house of cats!
4. Zippie, Sadie, and Speedy!
5. Hot MBC!
...and... (yes I know, I'm bending the rules)
6. Kasmid!

Tag! You're it! Play with me!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Human's Blog

My human has opened a travelling blog. Good. It'll keep her off mine. ;) You should check it out. It is called "Postcards to Friends" and is found at

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"You've Been Pinched" Award

Uh-oh! The leppry-cons are invading the blogosphere! This leppry-con (which looks suspiciously like me) doesn't care if you're wearing green or not! He'll pinch you anyway!

What's the rule of this award? Simple! Pass it on to five or more blogging friends telling them, "you've been pinched"!

I'm inviting all of my members to take this badge! You've all been pinched! *OW!*

l l l l l l
l 0 0 l
= w =

St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Pat's! Get dressed in green, or them leppry-cons'll get'cha! My human-editor is wearing green today - so are all my other humans. Thankfully, I'm safe every day of the year, cuz my collar is a nice shade of blue-green. ;) The leppry-cons won't be able to pinch me! And my blog is safe, too! Yay! ...BUT... JUST for an EXTRA dose of luck, here's some green things to brighten up the post!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Cat Fact #2

Okay, so we all know cats are fast. Really, really fast. Have you ever seen a cat run from a hungry Rottweiler? We can be pretty fast when we want to be. But really, what is the fastest cat? Well, that would be the Egyptian Mau, one of the oldest breeds of cats! The Egyptian Mau (which means "cat" in Egyptian) can reach up to speeds of 30 miles per hour! Now that cat has some scary neighbor dogs! Why is this? Probably because of their long legs, and a unique flap of skin extending from the flank to the back knee, which allows for great agility and large steps. Run, kitty, run!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Samson is Sleeping (Human's Post)

Okay, this is the "human-editor" -- hi!
Wish I had my camera right now! Man!
Okay, I wish you could see this, but Sam's asleep on my beanbag chair right now, and seriously, I think he's dreaming about eating steak or something. He started smacking his lips, like, twenty times repeatedly IN HIS SLEEP!!!!! Absolutely SO funny, wish I could have captured that on video.... Uh-oh! He's waking up!! Gotta go! Bye!



I love my human-editor very much. When she takes a shower, I follow her into the bathroom and just lay around. Even though she leaves the door open so I can leave if I'm scared by the sound of the fan or rushing shower water, (silly human - I'm not scared!) I stay in there the WHOLE TIME! How's that for love? She's so nice - she worries about me. She keeps peeking her head out of the shower to see if I'm okay or if I'm still there, but I'm always on the bath mat, looking up at her. Aren't I nice? :)

...In totally unrelated news, my human wants me to ask you a question (which I regret to say, is about dogs). My human is in love with a breed of dogs called Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Why not just stay with cats, I ask her. But she loves those dogs. I know - she's crazy! Anyways, she saw some at the petstore today (*shudders* horrible place!) and fell in love all over again! She got to pet and hold three tri-color pups not even a month old! (She smiles and I grimace >:P) She was very happy. She has been studying them for years, and knows ALL about the breed. She was wondering if any of you knew anything about corgis, or if you had any and had some advice for her, because she wants to get one. >:( Bleck! Her (well, the other humans') problem is the shedding. Any advice there? She thanks you heartily. She wants to get a corgi pup so she can create her own blog and blog about him (heaven knows why!) so she can get off my blog and stop talking about STUPID DOGS! What's the theme here? Cats! Not dogs!

~Sammy's Crazy Corgi-lovin' Human-Editor

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I'm feeling like the world needs a little more color...
Step into my magic portal with me and enter the world of senses!
Here, even cats can see all colors, and dogs can, as well!

Are you ready? Here we go...!

Green, creative, beauty, energy, nature, wild and free and dancing, romance...
Orange is fiery, spinning, singing, talent, friends and family, animals....
Blue.... Calming, wisdom, friendship, love and peace and truth, new ideas...
Red, flirty, brave and bold, true through tough times, always there, stubborn but loving...
Yellow, sunny, happy, joyful, flowers, innocent, unique, kind and friendly...
Purple, rich and royal, sweet and sour, drama-queen and silly-head....
Grey, Black, White, serious, truthful, dependable, helpful...
So, my wonderful world of colors is ending...
I must not let it fade away...
But there it goes, passing through the day...
Colors there to remind us of truth and love...
Creation and beauty...
But again I will see it another day...
But now black and white...
Is all I see.
Enjoy your colorful trip?

The Sunshine Award!

I've been awarded the Sunshine Award from The Crew! Thanks, guys!

Okay, so, here are the rules of this award: To accept this award you MUST pass it on to 12 other recipents and post their blog links along with the award, if they have brought =SUNSHINE= to you! :)

Okay, since I'm new, I can't exactly do twelve, but I'll do as many as I can.

1. Anya and Kareltje! My farthest-away friend! (That I know of) You speak a different language than me! Way to go!
2. Tristan and Crikey! For welcoming me into the blogging world with open arms!
3. Jan Mader! You are a fellow writing friend with a love for animals, too! Way to go!
4. Kasmid! Go Kasmid, you awesome Australian! Hey, that's where the Newsboys are from!
5. Jacqueline! You fantastic feline fanatic! Thanks for joining!

...And these are just a few! All of my members are able to take this award and post it on their blog! Keep passing the sunshine! ;)