Saturday, February 27, 2010

Award for Competitive Napping!

Unfortunatley, I did not win an official medal. :( But I'm not surprised. You should see the other competetors! But I did win this awesome thingy! Thank's Huffle!

Submit Photos for Contest!

Okay, here's how it's going to work; most of you have blogs, so those of you who want to participate in the contest, just post your favorite one picture of one (or a few) of your animal companions (or, as I have stated before, you if you so happen to be one) and leave a comment here to tell me. The others who don't have blogs my human-editor knows personally so they can send her pictures by email. Sound good? Good! Once everyone is in, we will get started!
(Also, if you do not wish to participate, or cannot for some reason, just please tell me. Thank you.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Cat Fact #1

Cats do not see all the colors you humans do. The world around us we see in different shades of grey, black and white. What colors can we see? Shades of blue, purple, and green! As you can see, my blog is green, and I can see it, too! ;D Also, I sleep in a green chair, and green bean-bag chairs. The couch downstairs is green, and all the walls in my human-editor's room are green! It's like the whole house is cat-oriented or something!

Monday, February 22, 2010

"The Adventures of Super-Sam" Part Four

The cars zoomed past my face, nearly blowing me away and leaving the dirty, dank smell of automobiles hovering around me. Every time a car passed us, Gabby flapped her wings back in panic. Scaredy-crow.
...As for the cars - millions and millions of 'em. We were gonna hafta hitchhike on one of them. Hitching a ride was not easy, I knew. That's when a devious plan formed in my mind; I would need Gabby's help for this one. "Gabby," I proclaimed, turning to her and smiling, "I'm going to need a little favor, please."
Gabby eyed me. "What is it?"
She leaned close and I whispered to her my perfect plan.
"No! Absolutely not!"
"But why not? You'll be fine! It's not like you'll be hit or anything..."
Grumbling to her self a manner of things which should not be said, she slowly climbed the tiny hill. Then, with a flap of her wings she flew into the air and towards a big blue car. She zoomed quickly, beak-first, into the windowshield. The driver screeched to a halt and Gabby hit the asphalt, feighning death. The startled woman threw open the car door and rushed over to her. She was shaking and trembling unimaginably, as she cautiously made her way towards the crow.
I, of course, with my quick thinking, seized the moment and dashed through the open car door and into the backseat, gratefully uninhabited by children. Unfortunately, there was no Emma there, but that was to be expected. Still, one could be hopeful...
Gabby, though from my angle I could not see her, had already flown away, startling the woman even more, and was to follow us until we reached our destination - or at least as close as we were going to get. Then the rest of my plan would unfold.
The woman stumbled back into the car, shakily again, and brushed her blond hair back from her face. She started taking deep breaths. By now, from the back seat, I could see that other cars were swerving around her. It took her a few moments before she began driving again. I smiled triumphantly and sat in my sentry position; I was on my way to Teek's home. I might as well enjoy the ride.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Belated Love Your Pet Day!

Today, let's celebrate love your pet day (since obviously I missed it yesterday...)! Be extra kind to your animal companion - whether that may be a walk, an extra scratch behind the ear, or a delicious treat! Yum!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome to my Pad....

Oops! Wrong one! Oh well, show you my house later. But this one is cuter! ;D

Cat-O-Lympics: Napping Event

And now, our competitor from Sam-Wow-World! Wow, oh wow, oh wow! The crowd here is going wild. He may not be the favorite, but word is, he's the youngest (or one of the youngest) competitor here, at only two years.

And look at that form!

He likes to take multiple positions such as (above) the basic curl. And (below) the head-presser! Ooh, what a tough competitor!

And then... The close-up! Look at that happy sleeper! I think Sammy just might have won a silver! Who knows? Maybe even a gold!

But he's playing it safe... I don't know about this. We'll just have to see what our judges say.

15 Members!!!!

We have fifteen members!!! That means we can finally start our contest! Okay, here's the way it's going to work; everyone, get out your best picture of your animal companion (or you, if you happen to be one like me), and get it ready. I am going to find a way to use that mister linky thingy or something so that you can give the pictures to me. (Does anyone know the best way to do this?) Then, I will put you all in a number from one to (you guessed it!) fifteen, and then I will use a number randomizer (or a hat - whichever is easier) to choose randomly one of you to convert into an illustrated design! This'll be great! Comments on how I could best do this would be great! Thanks!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Let the Cat-O-Lympics Begin!

Hello dear sports fans out there! As you may know by the excitement by your humans at your house, the humans' famed Winter Olympics have begun, and are well underway as sports are played, tricks preformed, and medals won. And don't forget those treacherous thrills, spills and injuries that comes with the heat of the game!
But what about us cats? We're ten times more limber and lean than those humans, right? Well, Fin, internet blogging sensation is hosting the first-ever 2010 Cat-O-Lympics! There will be many events, and, contrary to the name, any online animal species can join! Humans, just get over it. You already have your own Olympics for gosh sakes! ...Anyways, pad on over to Fin-Land, where the games are about to begin! Go cats! Here's the link: Be there or miss out on all the fun! Hey, maybe for the 2012 Summer Cat-O-Lympics, we could have them over here at my place! Sound cool?

As for me? I think that I will try out the Competitive Napping Competition, Bare-paw Fighting, Late-Night Human Wake-up, and the Hiding Event. But there are so many more events! You can even host your own! That's right - you can even host your own competition! Come on! Sign up!

And my friend Crikey will be tough competition in the StrongCat Competition on the 16th. Wait - 16th? That's tomorrow! Crikey, we gotta get training!

Alright, my feline friends, I must go now. But before we head off to the training building, I must say one last thing; "Let the Games Begin!!"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day - the day of romance! Get out those roses and boxes of chocolates! Whether you find your fancy in romantic dinners for two, a stroll around the park, stargazing, or maybe a big, social party with lots of cats (or humans), Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate! This is my Valentine's Card to you! Have a great day!
Your Sweety,

Happy 7th Birthday, Crikey!

Here is your present! You're a true mancat! Don't let being middle-aged get you down! Your life has just begun! (And this picture proves it!!)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lord of Wheels?

Frodo, gerbil friend of mine - almost lunch but not quite - has opened his own blog! (It only has one post so far with fifteen words, but give him a break!!) It is called "Lord of the Wheels!" Okay, that's just purrfect, don'cha think. But he accidentally made TWO blogs. Now, the funny thing is, this is the exact same thing that happened to my cousin, Teek. AND it has the same layout thingy as my cousin Teek's accidental-blog! Pr-et-ty weird!! Does anyone know what's going on?!

Trying to Nap

Ahh... A peaceful nap on my green-chair throne...
"Uh... hmm??"

"Ugh. Friggin' paparazzis...! Just go away already, will you?!"

"Yeah, I KNOW it's almost Valentine's Day, okay? I don't CARE that you wanna get a few pics for my blog! See me? I WANT TO SIT DOWN RIGHT HERE AND NAP!"

Poo. (Pouty face) Stupid humans just don't get it. *sighs*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"The Adventures of Super-Sam" Part Three

I wasted no time, hurrying to rescue the poor child. "Poor dear," Gabby, who had almost naught but bad experiences with humans, tried to fake sympathy for the girl.
Deciding that the best thing to do at the moment was to alert every animal with either super-sensitive smell, hyper-hearing, or a bird's-eye-view of the city, I went from door to door - and doghouse to doghouse - alerting every pet I knew of. Every bird that we passed as we meandered down sidewalks I called to and shared with them the dilemma. Every horse, every cow (yes, I live in a very strange neighborhood), even squirrels that scurried through trees were recipents of the news.
Passing a dog walking a human, I stopped, not minding racial differences, to talk to the dog. The dog, who was actually quite mannerful for a mutt, stopped and kindly smiled at me. "Yes, what can I do you for, cat?"
I partially noticed a bewildered look from the human at the sight of a cat, a crow and a dog all having a friendly chat together as I spoke. "I have important news that I must get to everyone. A human-child has been kidnapped by a big, evil human with a scary-looking dog, such as yourself. Except that you are not exactly scary-looking, Sir. You are actually quite friendly," I added, trying to be courteous.
This nice dog (never thought there would be one!) was appalled and got up, baring his teeth. "What?! How terrible! Don't worry, Mr. Cat - I will alert every dog I see while you get on the case!"
I was quite pleased at how well this dog understood the matter - and how quickly, too. "Yes, thank you very much! My friend and I must find her before it is too late. Thank you again, um...." I struggled to find the name. I looked on the collar. "Mr. Tanner. Thank you very, very much."
His tail wagged, "You are very welcome, Sir. And might I ask your name?"
"Samson," I replied, grinning. "The name is Samson. But I must be off! Come on, Gabby - we have a girl to find!" I raced off down the sidewalk, Gabby half-scurring, half-flapping after me, and Tanner pulling his human quickly in the opposite direction.
"Where to now, Sammy?" Gabby inquired.
"A Taxi," I said, racing through the small intersection. "We must go to Empress Teek!"

Kitty Friend Birthdays: Crikey!

While his sister is away, Crikey is having a birthday this weekend! He'll be 7, if I hear correctly, so let's give him a big, "Happy Birthday, Crikey!" This man-cat will get a special other present from me, but first, here is his card from me to him. Happy birthday, Crikey!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Heart Day is Coming Up....

Valentine's day is almost here! Have you made your valentines yet? I suggest some cute animal ones! Don't be afraid to get messy - it's part of the fun! Paste + cut + glue + sticker + glitter = cute valentines! (And don't forget that bold red!) Loads and loads of valentines! I'm making mine... Can't wait to see yours!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl or Puppy Bowl?

Today is gonna be really fun! Whether you will be rooting for Colts or Saints during the Super Bowl, or a lot of *cute* puppies during Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl (don't forget the Kitty Halftime Show!), have a great time watching something! Me? I'm going to be watching my dreams. (Human, wake me when the Kitty Halftime Show is on, okay?)


Putch'a Paws Up!
P.S: I'm the cool cat in the blue uniform - on the other team is... Harley... And my human-editor's Grandma's cat, Ashley, is the cheerleader. Gosh, she's cute! (But from what I hear, she's really mean!)

Sumo Sunday: Sam the Wow v.s. Harley Davidson

*Ring ring!* (Bell ringing for wrestling to start)

With Sam-wow in one corner...

...And Harley in the other...

The wrestling is getting off to a heated start!

"You're going down, Sammy! We all know who's the alpha male, here!"

"Ha! Yeah, and it's not you!"

(Editor note: Toms...)

Wow, ladies and gents - this is one tough fight! I think these cats have met their match!

And - wait - what? ...It would seem as the contestants are abandoning the fight!

...Well, ladies and gentlecats, I guess we'll just have to wait for another match of Sumo Sunday cats to watch these tomcats fight again. Tune in next time!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog Greeting, by Samson the Cat

Here is a blog greeting I made. You can use it on your blog if you wish, but I would most appreciate it if you gave me my due credit. :) Hope you like it!

Whether you be cat or camel...
German-shepherd or a gerbil...
Chihuahua or chimpanzee...
Be you a cow, a sheep or a hog,
All is welcome on this blog.

Three More Members!!

/\ ~ ~/\

Hooray!!! Only three more members until our contest can begin!! ...Okay, I'm just too excited to wait to tell you!! The contest will work like this; once I have fifteen members, you each can send in a photo of one of your animal companions (or just you, if you are an animal) - which I still have to figure out how that will work - and I will randomly pick one of the pictures to illustrate! Maybe this will get more people coming! But I do hope people (or cats... or gerbils...) aren't just joining for the contest. I hope they're joining cuz they like my blogging. Either way, I'm psycho excited!


P.S: I think after this blogging session I'll go back to sleeping on my human's windowsill. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things You Don't Say When You are in a Movie:

"Well, at least it's not raining."
"At least it can't get any worse."
"Something weird is going on..."
"I have a bad feeling about this."
"Aw, man - battery's dead!"
"It's quiet...TOO quiet!"

....And things you DO say when in a movie....



My Writing Dare

Happy Groundhog Day! Hope you're eating plenty of groundhogs! Yummy! Let's just hope it'll be an early spring! Now, to celebrate today, I have a fun dare for you to try - if you like writing, get a journal, and write a diary about someone that doesn't exist; a character that you made up. Once you've written a while, (and believe me, it doesn't have to be perfect), bring it to school, or an office where you work, and discreetly place it out in the open. Stick a sticky-note on the cover that says "Please Read", or something to that effect. Then, whoever is curious can read the marvelous adventures of your character! You can watch secretly from somewhere and see their reactions. And never get discouraged, either! It's fun - try it! It could be a diary of any one of any gender, age, race, lifestyle, or profession! Go for it!