Saturday, March 6, 2010

Samson is Sleeping (Human's Post)

Okay, this is the "human-editor" -- hi!
Wish I had my camera right now! Man!
Okay, I wish you could see this, but Sam's asleep on my beanbag chair right now, and seriously, I think he's dreaming about eating steak or something. He started smacking his lips, like, twenty times repeatedly IN HIS SLEEP!!!!! Absolutely SO funny, wish I could have captured that on video.... Uh-oh! He's waking up!! Gotta go! Bye!



  1. Calle makes a lot of little noises while sleeping=she can be very animated; sometimes it's like she's talking to someone, her paws twitch and I just know she is having a great dream...It sounds like Sam was really cute and fun to watch!...If he was dreaming about food, did he wake up hungry??!!

  2. So cute! The only funny sleep-thing that I do is that when I get woken up suddenly, I instantly run around my cage and hide. Or smack into the wall. What? It's glass!!! Oh, my human is reading over my shoulder and she says that you cats are some of the most adorable things on the face of the earth.