Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"You've Been Pinched" Award

Uh-oh! The leppry-cons are invading the blogosphere! This leppry-con (which looks suspiciously like me) doesn't care if you're wearing green or not! He'll pinch you anyway!

What's the rule of this award? Simple! Pass it on to five or more blogging friends telling them, "you've been pinched"!

I'm inviting all of my members to take this badge! You've all been pinched! *OW!*

l l l l l l
l 0 0 l
= w =


  1. That's really funny, Sammy! I don't care if St. Patrick's Day was yesterday or not! I'm gonna pinch people all week long:)

  2. Hehehehehe!! That is a cool Award!! We'll have to get it!!
    Your TX furiend,