Saturday, March 6, 2010


I love my human-editor very much. When she takes a shower, I follow her into the bathroom and just lay around. Even though she leaves the door open so I can leave if I'm scared by the sound of the fan or rushing shower water, (silly human - I'm not scared!) I stay in there the WHOLE TIME! How's that for love? She's so nice - she worries about me. She keeps peeking her head out of the shower to see if I'm okay or if I'm still there, but I'm always on the bath mat, looking up at her. Aren't I nice? :)

...In totally unrelated news, my human wants me to ask you a question (which I regret to say, is about dogs). My human is in love with a breed of dogs called Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Why not just stay with cats, I ask her. But she loves those dogs. I know - she's crazy! Anyways, she saw some at the petstore today (*shudders* horrible place!) and fell in love all over again! She got to pet and hold three tri-color pups not even a month old! (She smiles and I grimace >:P) She was very happy. She has been studying them for years, and knows ALL about the breed. She was wondering if any of you knew anything about corgis, or if you had any and had some advice for her, because she wants to get one. >:( Bleck! Her (well, the other humans') problem is the shedding. Any advice there? She thanks you heartily. She wants to get a corgi pup so she can create her own blog and blog about him (heaven knows why!) so she can get off my blog and stop talking about STUPID DOGS! What's the theme here? Cats! Not dogs!

~Sammy's Crazy Corgi-lovin' Human-Editor


  1. Sorry, I know nothing about Corgis...Since I have 3 indoor cats, I am constantly dealing with the shedding problem...I use the roller brush (mostly used for clothes) on my furniture too and I have a little "tool" called The Pet Hair Magnet which works really well on furniture and carpet (I got mine from Drs Foster/Smith a few years ago); I really like it for carpet because you can get right up against the walls and in hard to reach places...Good luck on your puppy search!

  2. I've heard about the Pet Hair Magnet. So it works? Cool. Thanks, Jacqueline!

  3. Check this out: