Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trying to Nap

Ahh... A peaceful nap on my green-chair throne...
"Uh... hmm??"

"Ugh. Friggin' paparazzis...! Just go away already, will you?!"

"Yeah, I KNOW it's almost Valentine's Day, okay? I don't CARE that you wanna get a few pics for my blog! See me? I WANT TO SIT DOWN RIGHT HERE AND NAP!"

Poo. (Pouty face) Stupid humans just don't get it. *sighs*


  1. We really should get together and do something about that dang flashy box! I'm so tired of trying to hide from that thing:(

  2. Flashy? Oh, right. My big-female-human's box is flashy, but my human-editor's isn't.