Friday, February 19, 2010

15 Members!!!!

We have fifteen members!!! That means we can finally start our contest! Okay, here's the way it's going to work; everyone, get out your best picture of your animal companion (or you, if you happen to be one like me), and get it ready. I am going to find a way to use that mister linky thingy or something so that you can give the pictures to me. (Does anyone know the best way to do this?) Then, I will put you all in a number from one to (you guessed it!) fifteen, and then I will use a number randomizer (or a hat - whichever is easier) to choose randomly one of you to convert into an illustrated design! This'll be great! Comments on how I could best do this would be great! Thanks!


  1. You could get people to post it on their blog and say it's ok for you to use???

  2. If you can't get Mr. Linky figured out, you can always have your furriends email you their pictures:)

  3. That wouldbe quite easy, but unfurtunately, my human's email is purrivate. Maybe I can purrsuade her to make me my own. ;)