Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Writing Dare

Happy Groundhog Day! Hope you're eating plenty of groundhogs! Yummy! Let's just hope it'll be an early spring! Now, to celebrate today, I have a fun dare for you to try - if you like writing, get a journal, and write a diary about someone that doesn't exist; a character that you made up. Once you've written a while, (and believe me, it doesn't have to be perfect), bring it to school, or an office where you work, and discreetly place it out in the open. Stick a sticky-note on the cover that says "Please Read", or something to that effect. Then, whoever is curious can read the marvelous adventures of your character! You can watch secretly from somewhere and see their reactions. And never get discouraged, either! It's fun - try it! It could be a diary of any one of any gender, age, race, lifestyle, or profession! Go for it!


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