Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl or Puppy Bowl?

Today is gonna be really fun! Whether you will be rooting for Colts or Saints during the Super Bowl, or a lot of *cute* puppies during Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl (don't forget the Kitty Halftime Show!), have a great time watching something! Me? I'm going to be watching my dreams. (Human, wake me when the Kitty Halftime Show is on, okay?)


Putch'a Paws Up!
P.S: I'm the cool cat in the blue uniform - on the other team is... Harley... And my human-editor's Grandma's cat, Ashley, is the cheerleader. Gosh, she's cute! (But from what I hear, she's really mean!)


  1. Are you gonna drop by Gracie's party? We hope to see you there:) Go Colts!

  2. Go Colts indeed! (No, I'm gonna be watching the Puppy Bowl with my human. Sorry. But you have a good time! :D)

  3. Unfortunately, my humans were in Leavenworth watching the game, but fortunately, the Saints won. YAY! I was just having a good time at home sleeping :)