Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sumo Sunday: Sam the Wow v.s. Harley Davidson

*Ring ring!* (Bell ringing for wrestling to start)

With Sam-wow in one corner...

...And Harley in the other...

The wrestling is getting off to a heated start!

"You're going down, Sammy! We all know who's the alpha male, here!"

"Ha! Yeah, and it's not you!"

(Editor note: Toms...)

Wow, ladies and gents - this is one tough fight! I think these cats have met their match!

And - wait - what? ...It would seem as the contestants are abandoning the fight!

...Well, ladies and gentlecats, I guess we'll just have to wait for another match of Sumo Sunday cats to watch these tomcats fight again. Tune in next time!


  1. Great match. We enjoyed it thoroughly.

  2. *claps* Yaaay!!!! Go Sammy and Harley!