Monday, February 22, 2010

"The Adventures of Super-Sam" Part Four

The cars zoomed past my face, nearly blowing me away and leaving the dirty, dank smell of automobiles hovering around me. Every time a car passed us, Gabby flapped her wings back in panic. Scaredy-crow.
...As for the cars - millions and millions of 'em. We were gonna hafta hitchhike on one of them. Hitching a ride was not easy, I knew. That's when a devious plan formed in my mind; I would need Gabby's help for this one. "Gabby," I proclaimed, turning to her and smiling, "I'm going to need a little favor, please."
Gabby eyed me. "What is it?"
She leaned close and I whispered to her my perfect plan.
"No! Absolutely not!"
"But why not? You'll be fine! It's not like you'll be hit or anything..."
Grumbling to her self a manner of things which should not be said, she slowly climbed the tiny hill. Then, with a flap of her wings she flew into the air and towards a big blue car. She zoomed quickly, beak-first, into the windowshield. The driver screeched to a halt and Gabby hit the asphalt, feighning death. The startled woman threw open the car door and rushed over to her. She was shaking and trembling unimaginably, as she cautiously made her way towards the crow.
I, of course, with my quick thinking, seized the moment and dashed through the open car door and into the backseat, gratefully uninhabited by children. Unfortunately, there was no Emma there, but that was to be expected. Still, one could be hopeful...
Gabby, though from my angle I could not see her, had already flown away, startling the woman even more, and was to follow us until we reached our destination - or at least as close as we were going to get. Then the rest of my plan would unfold.
The woman stumbled back into the car, shakily again, and brushed her blond hair back from her face. She started taking deep breaths. By now, from the back seat, I could see that other cars were swerving around her. It took her a few moments before she began driving again. I smiled triumphantly and sat in my sentry position; I was on my way to Teek's home. I might as well enjoy the ride.


  1. We look forward to more of your story; that Gabby is a great friend!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki