Thursday, February 11, 2010

"The Adventures of Super-Sam" Part Three

I wasted no time, hurrying to rescue the poor child. "Poor dear," Gabby, who had almost naught but bad experiences with humans, tried to fake sympathy for the girl.
Deciding that the best thing to do at the moment was to alert every animal with either super-sensitive smell, hyper-hearing, or a bird's-eye-view of the city, I went from door to door - and doghouse to doghouse - alerting every pet I knew of. Every bird that we passed as we meandered down sidewalks I called to and shared with them the dilemma. Every horse, every cow (yes, I live in a very strange neighborhood), even squirrels that scurried through trees were recipents of the news.
Passing a dog walking a human, I stopped, not minding racial differences, to talk to the dog. The dog, who was actually quite mannerful for a mutt, stopped and kindly smiled at me. "Yes, what can I do you for, cat?"
I partially noticed a bewildered look from the human at the sight of a cat, a crow and a dog all having a friendly chat together as I spoke. "I have important news that I must get to everyone. A human-child has been kidnapped by a big, evil human with a scary-looking dog, such as yourself. Except that you are not exactly scary-looking, Sir. You are actually quite friendly," I added, trying to be courteous.
This nice dog (never thought there would be one!) was appalled and got up, baring his teeth. "What?! How terrible! Don't worry, Mr. Cat - I will alert every dog I see while you get on the case!"
I was quite pleased at how well this dog understood the matter - and how quickly, too. "Yes, thank you very much! My friend and I must find her before it is too late. Thank you again, um...." I struggled to find the name. I looked on the collar. "Mr. Tanner. Thank you very, very much."
His tail wagged, "You are very welcome, Sir. And might I ask your name?"
"Samson," I replied, grinning. "The name is Samson. But I must be off! Come on, Gabby - we have a girl to find!" I raced off down the sidewalk, Gabby half-scurring, half-flapping after me, and Tanner pulling his human quickly in the opposite direction.
"Where to now, Sammy?" Gabby inquired.
"A Taxi," I said, racing through the small intersection. "We must go to Empress Teek!"


  1. Lovely lines written :-)
    Enjoy your weekend
    Happy Valentine

    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=

  2. You were kinda like Wee Willie Winkie;) I really enjoy reading your work!