Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Naughty, By Samson the Cat

Sometimes, sometimes, when I'm naughty,
I use the carpet for my potty.
The couch is where I sharpen my claws,
I leave all my fur,
I break many laws.
The mantlepiece you treasured so?
Down to the floor I thought it should go.
And once then fallen, I thought it should quake,
And into a thousand pieces break.
I didn't use my litter box,
I hissed at you when you tried to talk.
I ripped your homework - tore it to shreds,
I jumped up onto Daddy's head.
I think I may have pulled up some hairs...
But you can see lots and lots up there!
The dog now has to have surgery;
It's not my fault - he barked at me!
I took the baby's breakfast, as well,
You may as well call me the cat from hell!
You must admit, though, that even through all that,
I'm your bestest, favorite cat!

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