Saturday, January 16, 2010


My human says she's stressed.

A bunch of other female humans about her age all crowded into the house for nearly the WHOLE DAY for her birthday party. Sheesh! Talk about CROWDED!

I was really confused for most of it and a little stressed myself, because of all the people I didn't know, and all the noise, and new smells... You can understand.

~Goin' To Sleep


  1. MY human was gone ALL DAY yesterday, and for some reason she's all mournful and stuff. I think it's because of her loss of that little rodent Jasper. I was supposed to get him! Not that mouse-brained dog! Some things in life just aren't fair, you know? So sad.


  2. My human said something about Jasper too, and she was gone as well! I wonder if she was at Samson's house...