Friday, January 8, 2010

About Me

Okay, first thing you should know, I'm a guy. I'm guessing you knew that (humans aren't all that dumb - they know when we want out and in, and when we're hungry), but in case you didn't, I'm glad you do now.
Also, I was rescued from an Animal Shelter, after being found on my own out in Western Washington sub-urb wilderness. I'd talk about my past...but I can't. Now I live in a warm, loving home (stocked with food, I might add), and I'm very happy here. There's a nice big field in the back, where I often go on my manly *puffs out chest* hunting trips! Usually it's there I catch my big ones.
I'm also around two years old, (who has time to keep track of these things?), and I love to play, and also sleep in my human's bed.
I'm an American Shorthair - white with large splotches of black/grey tabby. I have a light-pink nose, with one big marking of cranberry pink (my human says it's "adorable"), and my left ear has a pinkish splotch. My eyes are a shining emerald green - kind of like my blog - and my paw-pads are all-adored by most humans -- the coolest pads where some are pink, some are black, and some are both! I'll post a pic sometime!
I'm a sweetheart (remember that, ladies), who'll come up and snuggle you in bed, and lick your chin and nose when you're not looking. I'm very talkative - either when I'm being picked up, when I want in or out, when I want food, or just for friendly conversation.
Well, that's just about it. Except for the fact that I am in almost constant battle with the cat next door, who thinks just because he was here first, that he should be alpha male, I am the cutest, sweetest, coolest cat around. Check me out!

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