Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"The Adventures of Super-Sam" Part Two

So, there I was, searching for the mysterious kidnapper and his worthless, mean-hearted dog. I sniffed around and I could definetly smell the scent of a car and a man and a dog -- all three being dark and evil and horrible-smelling.
Finding nothing there, though, I decided to go straight to the source. Gabby the crow, who was residence to a large tree just right outside of the neigborhood, down the sidewalk, was the most talkative, gossiping crow there was. She usually hung out on top of roofs where no one could see her most of the time, so she could listen in on conversations.
Gabby just happened to be on top of my roof, so I beckoned for her to come down. She started preening her feathers, obviously waiting for me to talk first -- unusual.
"Gabby, I need your help," I came right out.
She looked at me, "My help, Sammy? Whatever for?" She cawed laughingly.
"Emma -- that man that took her away. Who was he and where did he go?" I needed her help and she was certainly not helping.
She preened some more. "I don't know, Samson.... You seem pretty desperate for this information. I think I might need payment... Some food from your humans, perhaps?"
I growled and took a step closer to her, "I'm in no mood for games, now tell me where he went before I eat you myself!"
Gabby's happiness quickly faded and, a bit frightened and noticing that she was in an awkard situation, she mumbled something to herself. Finally, she decided that she would get no bargain from me. "Fine, then," she said. "I don't care for your stupid humans -- just the garbage and gossip that comes with them. But if you really want to know, fine -- I'll do if for you, Samson."
I could tell she was about to go into another elaborate speech, so I rolled my eyes, "Cut to the chase, already," I said, growing impatient. "This is serious buisness."
"Right," she said. "Well, word on the street is that man has been capturing a few human-chicks, and is planning to sell them for what humans call money. Worthless stuff, really..."
My eyes widened, "Sell them? Like, at a pet store or something?!"
"Guess so," she cawed. "Well, anyway, his name is Jim Coal, and he's working for a group of humans that capture human-chicks and sell them to other humans. Last I saw he went North up thataway," she pointed with her wing, "and he's probably headed to his hideout."
I was already formulating a plan in my head, "Thanks, Gabby."
"No problem," she cawed, but I could see she was a bit irritated that she got nothing out of this.
I thought a moment. "Tell you what," I said, "if you help me out with this whole thing, I might be able to get you a nice piece of bread or something from my humans after all."
Gabby immediately brightened up. "Sure, Sammy-O! Whatever you say! I'll get that human back in no time! Now, what do I need to do? And, say, do you think your humans have white-bread with maybe a little peanut butter on it...?"


  1. I think your story should be turned into a series for kids....even a cartoon series. I love it!

    By the way, have you ever read my blog for animal lovers?

    Please come visit!

  2. Thank you, Jan!

    And yes, I have seen your blog and it is very nice! Great theme! Haha!