Friday, January 8, 2010

Grand Opening: Cat's Out of the Bag!

Hey, hey! Welcome to my space! I'm Sammy (Formally known as Samson, or otherwise, Sam-Wow), a cool cat who was taken in from the shelter! My humans are lucky they found me (and, though I hate to admit it, I'm lucky, too), cuz I'm one fantastic feline to have around!

So, welcome to my blog! And feel free to come along for the ride! (Though I hope it's no trip to the vet's...) Everyone is welcome -- except dogs... Well, my human and writer says that's okay, too, but only as long as they like cats. Of course, who wouldn't like me? Heheh.

~Sam-Wow (Put'cha Paws Up!)


  1. This is awesome! Good job, Sam-Wow! Yes, I am the one who petted you on your porch and called you adorable. I think Butchy should get together with you, though I highly doubt Lucy woouldn't :P Congrats!


  2. Thanks, Grace! And... *squints eyes* I THINK I remember you. You're the one who had black cat hair on your fur (clothing, I think you humans call it), smelled partially like dog, partially like cat, and partially like smelly brother.