Saturday, January 9, 2010

Illustrated Me


You like? It's me! Illustrated!! It took a while for me to master (which I highly reccomend), but I did it! How does it look? Much better than that photo, I must admit... I think it truly captures the essence of my regality. What do you think? Post a comment!


  1. Hi, Sammy! This is Butchie. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm not photogenic, but I'm working on it! Anyway, cool site. Thanks for letting me join! Our masters should let us meet soon. You seem pretty amusing. Good job on the blog!

    ~Butchie Boo Boo (Seriously, though, the "Boo Boo" doesn't have to be there. My master did that!)

  2. Hi, Butchie. Actually, your pic isn't that bad. And one, thanks! I really like blogging! Second, my human is not my master -she's my human, and my good friend, but never my master. Also, yes, I am pretty amusing - at least that's what everyone tells me. And thanks again. I will be working hard to post every day.

    PS: Humans... do they HAVE to make up such ridiculous nicknames? How would they like it if we did that to them?

  3. Sorry, right, human. How are you? And yes, I completely understand about the stupid nickname thing. My human has been calling me Boo-Boo since I first arrived from that awful cardboard box! I'm six now, and I do NOT intend to still have the same nickname as when I was a kitten. At least she's gotten over Butchie-Baby.
    ...Sort of...

  4. *Laughs* oh, sorry. It's just kind of funny. And yeah, I'm great. I've been having some pain in my thighs lately, but other than that, I'm great!