Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"The Adventures of Super-Sam" Part One

"Sammy," I heard the call and the shake and rattle of kitty kibble. Skidding across hardwood and carpet, like a horse I scrambled down to the kitchen where my human set down the bowl of food. Hungily, I gulped it up.
"Good kitty," she pet me. I shrugged it off, too hungry to care about her baby talk. After I had eaten my fill, the door opened and I decided a quick walk around the neighborhood wouldn't hurt. Out my cat door and into the big world I went. It was early autumn, and the chill and breeze and fresh scent of cinnammon and pumpkin filled the air and ruffled my fur.
Padding up and down the sidewalks, I enjoyed the quiet afternoon and the birds twittering from their treetops. It was very serene and calming, and I almost felt like a nap on a sun-warmed stone.
Suddenly, I heard a worried and desperate cry. Running, jumping and dashing over grassy yards and beauty-bark, I found the owner of the mournful yowls.
It was Java the cat, looking shaky and upsetted. Like the gentlemen I was, I came up to her and said, "What seems to be the problem, Ma'am?"
Unseemingly rude, the light of hope faded in her eyes. "Oh, it's only you, Sammy. Where's Harley? I need the Alpha right away!"
I frowned, "Excuse me, but, um, I'm here. Hero Extrordinaire? You don't need Harley, silly." I sniffed around, "Now, what happened?"
Java, still a little disturbed (heaven knows why), started telling her story. "Well," she said, "I suppose it wouldn't hurt..." She started bursting into tears, "Oh, Sammy, my human! My little-girl human! You know -- Emma? This strange-smelling black human and his big evil dog took her away in their big-car! She was just out playing on her bike when all of the sudden the big-car pulled up and the man got out and took her away!!" She sobbed again, very disturbed.
I had to admit myself, I was very surprised and upset. Little Emma may not have been very good at handling cats, but she was nice and small and virtually harmless! And the mention of a big dog heightened my suspicions even more.
"Don't worry, Java -- Samson is on the case!"


  1. It's a good thing you're on the case! You have a cat door? Wowzer!

    Pee Ess: It's nice to meet you, furriend! Do you know about the CB? You can make lots of new furriends there:)

  2. The CB? The cat blogosphere? I've tried going on there, but it won't work for me. It's furry confusing. And thanks for joining -- glad I have a man-cat for a friend!

  3. And yes, I very much enjoy my cat-door. Though the inside is quite nice, too. :) There's food and petting in there.

  4. Wait -- Tristan is a man-cat. Crikey is a...?

  5. Man-cat? Is that the official name? Cool! But... Wow, that's really scary! I couldn't stand it if that happened to my human!

  6. Yeah, me neither, Frodo.

    To Tristan and Crikey: Ok, so, you're both man-cats? I think...? Yeah.