Monday, January 11, 2010


Well, my humans are all missing Teek, but I'm very happy to have her gone! ...Well, I might miss her, just a *little*... It was kind of nice to have someone around to play with...

Well, right now, it's all rainy and gloomy. This morning, my human came downstairs and let me in early because of the rain. She fed me and pet me, and helped me dry off. But rain means no birds, and very little mice. But at least I'll get to be inside and blog.

Why do humans eat such weird things? I mean - cereal? Waffles? Pancakes? Puh-lease! Wouldn't a good mouse do? Or bacon! Oh.... bacon... such goodness!


  1. Well, Cheerios are good, sometimes my human gives them to me! But I've never heard of... Waffles, or pancakes. And -eep!- you eat MICE?!?!?


  2. Yes, of course I do. I'm a cat, silly! But don't worry - I only eat the wild ones - they taste better! *Licks chops*

  3. *sighs with relief* Good... You wouldn't ever eat a GERBIL, would you?