Monday, January 25, 2010


Another great site I found! (Well, my human did, but come on.... who has the blog, here?) My human was looking for a dog-friendly frosting recipe, just for fun -- you know. But what she found was a whole SITE dedicated to parties for doggies! (Hey, they oughta make a page about parties for cats, too ;) ) Anyways, has recipes for doggie cupcakes, frosting, party ideas and more! Check it out!


  1. DOG TREATS?!??! Have you gone mad my dear feline friend??? Dogs eat us for breakfast!!! Or at least maybe it's just me because I'm so small...but that's beside the point!

  2. By the way...your fish look fantastic!! I've been licking the screen for hours and can't seem to catch one yet! Those tricky little fishies!!

  3. Yeah, um, Teek... *Shakes head* Never mind.